Meet Molli3, an Amsterdam-based artist with a burning desire to create. From a young age, her world revolved around sketching fashion outfits. Naturally, she pursued a formal education in fashion, but her journey didn't stop there.

Opting to expand her horizons, she delved into an HBO communication degree, yet the urge to create remained irresistibly strong. In 2017, Molli3's journey began as she, embracing her artistic side as a hobbyist, started customizing leather jackets and sneakers.

Her work quickly caught the attention of various brands and celebrities. One year later, she had her own runway show at Amsterdam Fashion Week. In her studio in the heart of Amsterdam, ideas come to life. From streetwear to lifestyle, each item is infused with craftsmanship and a commitment to originality.

“Het gevoel van vrijheid, dat krijg ik wanneer ik aan het creëren ben. Het hele proces van begin tot eind maakt mij gelukkig. Mijn passie voor streetwear en urban art komt tot leven in mijn werk, waarbij ik inspiratie put uit het bruisende stadsleven en diverse culturen.’ - Molli3